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Security magazine?
I'm disenchanted with the state of security publications and sites. I flip through Information Security Magazine, but rarely stop to read. Not sure what the problem is there - they have lots of big names, too focused on ad revenue? Light technical articles?

2600 just can't produce quality articles and has fallen by the wayside. Security Focus is by far the leader in security news and commentary.

I'm looking for that sweet spot between the business and technical aspects of security. In my experience, most companies have a security team that wears both hats, even if an "official" CSO is in place. Consultants consistently address both sides of that coin. What do you think?

I have a friend who successfully runs a very technical, bi-monthly publication. Any interest or are magazines pretty much obsolete? I was picturing a free online version, with the option of a paid corporate subscription in print. Thoughts?